A group synergy happens every Wednesday morning at Arcosanti. This effort deals with a chosen project each week, either deep cleaning or improving something. This week everyone is in camp to get things clean and ready for the March
workshop. [Photo & Text: sa]

Rollz, Ira and Sara set up a new washing machine in the yurt. Jim Powell sweeps the courtyard. [Photo & Text: sa]

Chiara, Emily and Sparks clean rooms in the bunkhouse. [Photo & Text: sa]

[left] Workshop coordinator Wes Ozier and February workshopper Michelle Hall lay carpet tiles in one of the rooms. [right] Accommodations are simple but adequate. Workshop participants are expected to bring sleepingbags. [Photo & Text: sa]

Little Robert Brooks keeps the mascot goat busy and is enthralled with this task. [Photo & Text: sa]

[left] February workshopper Albert Lavenziano sorts and cleans shelves in the Octegon. [right] Ray Shong found a nice silt tile during his cleaning efforts. [Photo & Text: sa]

Stephen Levy sweeps the slab in front of the camp bathroom. [Photo & Text: sa]

Workshopper Sebastien Godbold gives the bathroom a serious cleaning. [Photo & Text: sa]

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