Golf at Arcosanti? The amazing ‘Dinky Links’ tournament is the brainchild of alumnus Richard Johnson and originated in Jerome, Arizona. Eli Michael lines up his shot. [Photo: Jeff Kunzelman & Text: sa]

Dr. Sparks, aka Michael Bittman organized this tournament in the desert surrounding Arcosanti. This environmentally friendly golf course requires zero maintenance and zero water. [Photo: Jeff Kunzelman & Text: sa]

[left] Matteo Di Michele. [right] Sparks makes the point that anyone can hit a ball on a lawn. This much more difficult course consists of 12 holes, four of them in the Minds Garden, two on the sloping way to camp, three in camp and three on the far side of the Agua Fria river. [Photo: Jeff Kunzelman & Text: sa]

Jennifer Thornton. [Photo: Jeff Kunzelman & Text: sa]

This photo shows some of the difficult terrain. Gabriel Hendrix. [Photo: Jeff Kunzelman & Text: sa]

The trophies were in the best of Arcosanti recreational tradition. [Photo: Jeff Kunzelman & Text: sa]

The so-called 19th. hole [in this case the 13th. hole], is ‘The Beach’ at the pool cube where Sparks announces the winners. Among the awards were trophies for first, second and third place, as well as for mediocracy, winner of the 5th and 9th hole and for the most shots. [Photo: Jeff Kunzelman & Text: sa]

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