SCHOOL VISIT: The Ecosa Institute was founded in Prescott, Arizona in 1996. The present class came to spend two days at Arcosanti as part of their curriculum. [Photo: tb & Text: sa]

The vision of the Ecosa Institute was formulated by english architect/educator and Arcosanti alumnus Anthony Brown. His dedication to issues of sustainability and ecological design developed after joining Paolo Soleri’s Cosanti Foundation, where he worked for Soleri as architect in residence supervising both design work and construction.
The students visit the Soleri archives. [Photo & Text: sa]

The archive staff set out samples of historical photos, slides and written material for the group. [Photo & Text: sa]

Ecosa students study one of Soleri’s early designs. [Photo & Text: sa]

The goal Tony Brown defined for the Institute was to bring innovative thinking, new pedagogical models, and a complexity to design education that uses nature as its underlying model. One of the activites for this group was to dig a series of very deep holes right next to the Aqua Fria river bed. The agriculture department will plant young cottonwood trees in this location.
[Photo: Scott Riley & Text: sa]

This Ecosa student approaches the task with gusto. [Photo: Scott Riley & Text: sa]

The Ecosa Institute was founded in the belief that design based on nature is critical to the search for a new design philosphy. Design is a transformative profession. The environments we create change the way our society perceives the world. [Photo: Scott Riley & Text: sa]

Agriculture manager Adam Nordfors measures the debt of this hole and plants the first tree. The Arcosanti staff thank the Ecosa students for their hard work in various departments. And a special ‘Thank you’ to student Claire Seesman for helping the kitchen staff prepare dinner. [Photo: Scott Riley & Text: sa]

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