SOLERI SILT DEMONSTRATION: It was a beautiful day in the Ceramics Apse for a very special demonstration. Paolo Soleri talked about the foundation of his design for Arcosanti 5000. This was combined with an introduction to the silt casting process and some wonderful stories of the actual construction process of the Ceramics Apse. [Photo & Text: sa]

Ceramics manager Ed Werman started the event with a step by step demonstration of the silt casting process for bells and pots. [Photo & Text: sa]

Ira Murfin read Paolo Soleri’s paper ‘Nudging Eco Minutiae’. [Photo & Text: sa]

>>left>> Archive volunteer Ayano Atsumi filmed the event. >>right>> Paolo and Ira answer questions from the group. [Photo & Text: sa]

Ed removes the liquid slip, which leaves behind the shell of a bell. [Photo & Text: sa]

Paolo demonstrates the sheltering succession of the planned buildings for Arcosanti 5000. [Photo & Text: sa]

Roger Tomalty was the construction manager in charge of building the Ceramics Apse. He prepared a small model to explain the construction process. [Photo & Text: sa]

During that explanation Paolo and Roger broke into a few giggles about some of the, in retrospect, very funny moments during that experience. [Photo & Text: sa]

Roger explains the building of the scaffolding for the Apse, the silt packing process, how the designs were made, the concrete pours and the subsequent removal of the scaffolding. [Photo & Text: sa]

The crowd of residents, students and visitors was spellbound. It was a very lively and interesting lecture. [Photo & Text: sa]

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