ARCHIVES: Paolo Soleri works on a new series of drawings/montages. The subject is ‘Pretzel Architecture’. He teaches a group of students his stencil technique in the archives. [Photo & Text: sa]

PRETZEL ARCHITECTURE is subject #58 in the new Quaderni publication of Soleris writing: ‘Gravity free, with the Ecominutae [small space ecologies] I was indulging in few architectural extravagances. That was in the eighties. Now, by grounding some of the Ecominutae structures I produce instant pretzel architeture. Just needed some stilts, some bracing, near zero gravity and voila, fullsteam formalism. Now, in the Frank Gehry wake, gravity loaded architectural pretzels are covered by professional magazines. “Inhibited” and structurally challenging (?), warped tall buildings are having their 15 minutes or months or years of fame’. [Photo & Text: sa]

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