POUR: The white board in the classroom shows detailed assignments for each member of the crew. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & Text: sa]

Tomiaki Tamura gives last minute instructions for the pour that is about to start. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & Text: sa]

It has been very windy. The walls surrounding the pour have to be covered with protective sheeting to avoid splash designs. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & Text: sa]

The pour starts with filling the deep beams. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & Text: sa]

>>left>> Welding manager Ron Chandler guides the concrete pump hose. >>right>> Workshop coordinator Wes Ozier works the vibrator. [Photos: Ayano Atsumi & Text: sa]

The crew in action is a beauty to behold. Like a well coordinated dance. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & Text: sa]

The constant cleaning of tools is essential. Workshopper Dinah Yessne. [Photo & Text: sa]

Roma Tre student Berardino Cicchetti is learning to bull float. [Photo & Text: sa]

Finishing the edges. [Photo & Text: sa]

The first stage, part of Unit 6, is complete. The second stage will be poured in two days. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & Text: sa]

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