UTILITIES: This part of the ground floor right between Unit 9 and 10 of the East Crescent complex is right above the heatduct tunnel. Holes are cored through this floor to connect the utility lines to the main lines in the tunnel. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & Text: sa]

Two employees from ADS Coring use some amazing equipment that slices right through the concrete. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & Text: sa]

The heatduct tunnel below has struts all along the wall which support the utility lines from all ten units. The holes in the ceiling will allow for connection of the new lines. [Photo: sa & Text: sa]

>>left>> Water and electric lines have been layed up to the core holes. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & Text: sa] >>right>> When completed, these lines will be hidden by wallpanels on both sides. [Photo: sa & Text: sa]

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