SILT 2: This continues the report on the upcoming silt cast of the cover for the light scoop for Unit 10 of the East Crescent complex. The base level for the silt cast is in place. The small mock-up can be seen in the back-ground. [Photo: sa & Text: sa]

These side forms will give the crew the top measurement to which the silt will be sreeded. [Photo: sa & Text: sa]

The form is put together close to its intended location. The completed panel will cover the sloped roof shown in the upper left corner of the photo. [Photo: sa & Text: sa]

Crewleader Eli Michael shovels silt while April workshopper Robert Clyde secures the support structure for the side panels. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & Text: sa]

A lot of silt is needed for this project. So far the crew has brought up five truck loads from the Agua Fria riverbed. More trips are planned shortly. This report continues on 5/8. [Photo: sa & Text: sa]

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