SOLAR PANELS 1: As the work on the public bathrooms on the first floor of Unit 8 continues, Ron Chandler diggs a ditch right behind this same unit. [Photo & text: sa]

Behind the dark entrance at the center of the photo is the public bathroom facility. The rounded split tower is the stairwell that leads up to the second and third floor. [Photo & text: sa]

This trench is for utility lines to a set of six solar panels. Each panel has a carrying capacity of 150 watts. This will supply the juice for 12 volt lighting in the dorm- and classrooms on the second floor. [Photo & text: sa]

The trench curves up to the little hill where the panels will be located. They will be installed in a custom designed cradle at the same level as the planned keystone roof. Data will be collected to decide on the most efficient angle of energy collection. This then will decide the angle of design for a large stationary installation of solar panels on that roof. [Photo & text: sa]

The panels were purchased at wholesale prices from Ben Mancini at EV Solar Parts in Chino Valley. Ben Mancini is working with Arcosanti under the program ‘Solar Partners”, offered by APS. Under this program, APS provides a rebate of $2 per watt. Arcosanti electrician Dr. Sparks initiated and coordinates this effort. He has also donated the charge controller and meter for this set-up. Good effort! [Photo & text: sa]

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