SILT 4: The siltcast crew experiments with the paints that will be used on the lightscoop panel. To paint on fine sand is not as easy as it looks. A bit of practice will come in handy. [Photo & text: sa]

Construction crew member Buck Hazzard and workshopper Robert Clyde test different consistencies of paint mix on the little mock-up panel. [Photo & text: sa]

Crewleader Eli Michael and workshoppers Robert Clyde and Bethany Erfouth. [Photo & text: sa]

Robert and Beth sift more silt to complete the form. [Photo & text: sa]

The crew built a small form to protect the rebar curl from concrete. [Photo & text: sa]

This little spider-looking detail is an attachement for a weldplate. There are four of these on this panel. These are the attachments by which the panel will eventually be lifted into place. [Photo & text: sa]

Eli installs one of the weldplates on the form. Next will be painting of the design onto the silt and the pour. To be continued. [Photo & text: sa]

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