WORKSHOP 3 FIELDTRIP: Workshop coordinator Wez Ozier takes the present workshop for their fieldtrip. [Photo: Diana Bolander & text: sa]

The customary first stop is the Dome House in Cave Creek. This was the first structure built by Paolo Soleri in 1949. Workshopper Robert Clyde. [Photo: Diana Bolander & text: sa]

Next stop is Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation in Schottsdale. Workshopper Gianni Scravaglieri. [Photo: Diana Bolander & text: sa]

Of course Cosanti is on the schedule to visit. Cosanti staff member Roger Tomalty guides the group through Cosanti and its history. [Photo: Diana Bolander & text: sa]

>>left>> Workshopper Sarah Beth Kurzhals at Cosanti. This is the tunnel between the Ceramics area and the Cat-Cast Courtyard. >>right>> Workshopper Diana Bolander infront of the Phoenix Library. The library was designed by Will Bruder and its innovative design is also a stop for an inside tour. This fieldtrip is a scheduled event that is part of each 5-week workshop. [Photo: Beth Erfouth & text: sa]

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