AGRICULTURE: The Arcosanti Farm Crew meets every morning at 6:30am for work assignments. The crew discusses timing, plants, soils, farm infrastructure, weather patterns, etc.. [Photo & text: Ania Gorka]

Each year the crew double-digs the vegetable beds, turning lush green manure (a cover crop of oats, austrian winter peas and vetch) to add nitrogen, micronutrients and organic matter to the soil. [Photo & text: Ania Gorka]

Soil is dug twice as deep as a normal bed to improve the quality of the subsoil. Double-digging also doubles muscle mass for the participants. [Photo & text: Ania Gorka]

Wildflowers were established this spring to cover barren soil. [Photo & text: Ania Gorka]

Wildflowers also serve to fuel honey production at the beehives right in the vicinity. [Photo & text: Ania Gorka]

Beekeeper Tom visits Arcosanti to harvest a ready batch of honey. The bees were busy with Paulownia and wildflower blossoms, hence the honey has a lovely dark amber hue. [Photo & text: Ania Gorka]

This year Adam grafted easter egg plum to wild plum and wild apricot rootstalk, as well as williams pear to wild pear. The wild rootstalks have superior qualities for thriving in the desert. [Photo & text: Ania Gorka]

Little plastic wraps serve as greenhouses to keep moisture around the graft seams. As soon as the graft catches and bears leaves, the wrap is removed. [Photo & text: Ania Gorka]

Another goal of Land Use is to imbue the surroundings with interesting features. To undertake projects that almost effortlessly include an artistic angle is in keeping with the aesthetic philosophy practiced at Arcosanti. Brad Crutchfield, with the help of Ayano Atsami, has assembled a collage of selected beautiful junk from our scrapyard for a fence encircling one of the herb gardens. [Photo & text: Ania Gorka]

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