The 2003 ARCOSANTI SLAB CITY SLAM starts on May 23. This poetry slam competition will feature teams from Tucson, Phoenix, Mesa, Flagstaff, Prescott and Arcosanti. Arcosanti poets selected for the slam, are Buck Hazzard, Erin Jeffries, Wes Ozier and Robert Clyde. [text: sa]

>>left>> Prescott poet Dan Seaman is Grandmaster of Ceremony. >>right>> At Arcosanti the event is organized and managed by Ira Murfin [in the photo with Paolo Soleri.] In addition to the slam, the line-up will feature poets from throughout Arizona and beyond. “OLEANNA”, a play by DAVID MAMET, directed by Ira Murfin, will be performed at 7:30 pm Friday night and 2 pm on Sunday afternoon in the main office. CHAD BAILEY NIELSON is scheduled to perform an experimental GAMELAN piece, “A BEGINNING”, at 9 pm on Friday in the Vaults. Scheduled for Saturday evening is avant garde performance group CARPET BRIGADE for a punk-rock BUTOH performance in conjunction with ALL AUTONOMIE, a punk-rock band from Prescott. After this there will be THE BONFIRE OF THE INSANITIES in the Agua Fria riverbed next to the Arcosanti camp with entertainment provided by ALL AUTONOMIE and Arcosantis own band DEWEY PUMP. [Photo: Ray Lam & text: sa]

During the event GUESTROOMS at Arcosanti are available by reservation only. Camping is encouraged for $5 per night. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available at the Arcosanti CAFE. Great snacks and cookies as well as cold drinks can be purchased at the Arcosanti BAKERY. The Arcosanti POOL is open. Admission is free, donations are accepted. [Photo: Ray Lam & text: sa]

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