SILT 5: An original design by Ania Gorka is used for the
silt design on the lightscoop for Unit 10 of the East Crescent Complex. [Image: Ania Gorka & text: sa]

Ania lays out a paper pattern of the design on the prepared silt. [Photo: Diana Bolander & text: sa]

After carving the outline of the design into the silt, Ania and Tomiaki Tamura apply color. [Photo: Diana Bolander & text: sa]

The finished design. [Photo: Jeff Kunzelman & text: sa]

Very carefully concrete is applied first to the lowest part of the slope on both sides. The consistency of the concrete has to be just right, so that its application does not disturb the silt layer and the design. [Photo: Jeff Kunzelman & text: sa]

Paolo Soleri is right there, helping to distribute the concrete evenly. [Photo: Jeff Kunzelman & text: sa]

The concrete is slowly built up from both sides. [Photo: Diana Bolander & text: sa]

Once the first layer of concrete is complete, the rebar cage is lowered onto it. [Photo: Diana Bolander & text: sa]

The final layer of concrete is applied over the rebar cage up to the limit of the form. [Photo: Diana Bolander & text: sa]

The little protective cover for the lifter connection peaks out of the concrete. [Photo: Diana Bolander & text: sa]

The truck pulls close for the last bit of concrete. Tomiaki and Wes are screeding. The panel is finished and the concrete will have to set for about 10 days. To be continued. [Photo: Diana Bolander & text: sa]

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