SOLAR PANELS 2: This continues the report on the solar panel installation from 5/14. The third part of the pour described in the two previous postings is the footing for this solar installation located behind the
East Crescent Complex. To prepare for the pour, the crew dug two trenches for the footings that will support the panel structure. [Photo & text: sa]

April workshopper Beth Erfourth works with metal shop manager Ron Chandler on the support structure for the solar panels. [Photo & text: sa]

Planning intern Jorge Mata shows the trenches. [Photo & text: sa]

>>left>> In the foreground are four metal weld plates. They will be cast into the concrete. The support structure will be welded to these plates. >>right>> On the second floor of the
East Crescent Complex, under instruction by site electrician Dr. Sparks, the workshop has built a housing for the storage batteries. The connecting utility lines are in place. [Photo & text: sa]

Dr. Sparks is explaining the wiring to workshopper Jeffrey Harden. [Photo & text: sa]

The pour commences. [Photo & text: sa]

>>right>> The weldplate connections are visible in the concrete. The pipe sticking up will house the electric line connecting the panels to the storage batteries on the second floor. A report on the installation of the panel will be posted on 6/16 [Photo & text: sa]

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