ALLSITE MEETING: The last three posting were of ‘one’ pour in three different locations. The work was finished by lunch and after lunch on the same day was the scheduled quarterly allsite meeting. This all happens in about 95 degree weather and the olive trees in bloom making for a great allergy season. The crew bravely fought off drooping. [Photo & text: sa]

At the quarterly allsite meeting each manager makes a report of their department for the last three month and talks about plans for the immedeate future. The meeting is sponsered by the Arcosanti Community Council. Council members Gaby Cryan with the timekeeping puppet, council member Erin Jeffries facilitates the meeting. [Photo & text: sa]

>>left>> Mary Hoadley has been with the Arcosanti project since 1970 and reports on activities in Accounting, the Cafe and Bakery, and the Gallery. >>right>> Ivan Fritz heads the AIS department, which stands for Arcosanti Information Service. He is the amazing wizard that keeps all of the business computers up and running. He installed the first server, long since upgraded into a major system, installed T1 lines all over the site and patiently teaches the more computer illiterate users. [Photo & text: sa]

>>left>> Kip Hersted, like many of the staff, wears a few different hats. He is the Arcosanti foundry man responsible for sculpture-bell-assemblies and he is also the Arcosanti liason for Tourism organizations. He reports on news in the Tourism business. >>right>> Ron Chandler is also in the many-hat category. He manages the metalshop, drives the crane, always guides the heavy concrete pump hose during pours and is the present camp coordinator. [Photo & text: sa]

>>left>> Kelli Huth handles Public Relations at Arcosanti and Cosanti and has been very busy with ongoing requests for interviews, information and general outreach. >>right>> Standing at the top, utilities manager Scott Reily reports on all the latest developements. If you look back through the last few month of ‘Daily Progress’, it has been very busy and productive in the utilities department. [Photo & text: sa]

Jim Huth fills in for foundry manager Thomas Crowe with a report on bronze bell production. [Photo & text: sa]

>>left>> Solar magician Dr. Sparks, aka Micheal Bittman, talkes about the latest developements in solar and electrical installation, as well as upkeep. >>right>> Tomiaki Tamura, head of Design, Director of Soleri Archives and at the moment filling in as head of Construction, has a lot to report. [Photo & text: sa]

Planning coordinator Ania Gorka does a terrific job keeping up with all the different construction projects and running a planning department at the same time. She continuously trains new interns, teaches CAD, manages all construction drawings, computer and hardcopy, resources materials, a long list of good effort. Hats off! [Photo & text: sa]

This posting mentiones only some of the presenters, the list is too long for all to be included. But needless to say, things have been hopping in all departments. >>left>> Ira Murfin has been Paolo Soleris editor for the past 2 years. He reports on the latest publications. >>right>> Workshop coordinator Wes Ozier talks of plans to get more people involved. And as you can see there are plenty of interesting activities going on and we sure could use a few more hands. [Photo & text: sa]

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