SILT 6: This continues the progress report on the lightscoop siltpanel for Unit 10 of the East Crescent. Last posting was on 5/24. The panel has cured and is lifted by crane from its silt bed. [Photo & text: sa]

Curious to see how her design turned out, planning coordinator Ania Gorka uses waterpressure to remove some of the silt. [Photo & text: sa]

Scaffold has been erected around the outside of the lightscoop tower. [Photo: Ania Gorka & text: sa]

The panel is in motion. These photos can not convey the excitement of the crew. The effort of many weeks is coming to fruition. [Photo & text: sa]

The panel is guided into place. [Photo: Ania Gorka & text: sa]

It is the moment of truth, how will it fit? [Photo: Ania Gorka & text: sa]

Architect Tomiaki Tamura is giving feedback from the inside. [Photo & text: sa]

This is an important event for crewleader Eli Michael [yellow hat]. The panel has been his baby from the very beginning. He gives a little tweek on one side to settle the panel into place. [Photo & text: sa]

Ray Shong signals to the crane operator and the lifting harness is relaxed. Eli disconnects the harness. [Photo & text: sa]

Checking for flaws. [Photo: Ania Gorka & text: sa]

It’s a perfect fit on both sides! [Photo & text: sa]

Welding man Ron Chandler fuses the weldplates. One light scoop panel is done, three to go. This report will continue with progress on the next panel. [Photo: Ania Gorka & text: sa]

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