GRADUATION 4: The May 18. workshop graduated. Congratulations to the graduates for completion of the 5-week workshop program. Jillian continues her learning experience at Arcosanti with an internship in the Landscaping Department. [Photo & text: sa]

>>left>>Emily Edginton continues on in a construction internship. >>right>>Carlos Flores [photo] aand Mickey Hamil are enrolled in an internship in the Planning Department. [Photo & text: sa]

Leah Gordon and Hiroshi Kondo spend their workshop in the Agriculture Department where Hiroshi plans to stay on for several month. [Photo & text: sa]

>>left>>Jewel Blackfeather Welter apprenticed in the Metalshop and now works in the Bakery. >>right>> Paul Heitman worked in construction. Also graduated: Jeffrey Harden split his time between construction and AIS. Jill Laakaniemi and Martin Quarcoopome worked in
Construction. [Photo & text: sa]

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