ALUMINUM POUR AT COSANTI: At the foundry of Cosanti, we use aluminum as well as bronze as materials for bells and special assemblies. [Photo & text: Ayano Atsumi]

The styrene foam sculptures are hand carved by Paolo Soleri. Each wooden dowel forms a sprue [channel] in the sand through which the hot, molten aluminum is poured into the carved pieces of styrene foam. Thin dowels will form ventilation shafts. [Photo & text: Ayano Atsumi]

Cosanti foundry crewmember, Abel, prepares the mold of special assembly parts for the aluminum pour. [Photo & text: Ayano Atsumi]

Pouring hot liquid metal can be very dangerous. John and David discuss the order of pouring beforehand. [Photo & text: Ayano Atsumi]

Styrene foam vaporizes when touched by hot aluminum. The smaller holes ventilate the gas from the burnt foam and provide escape for excess aluminum. [Photo & text: Ayano Atsumi]

The aluminum has cooled. Abel and Dave break the sculptures out of the sand form and check for imperfections. These pieces will become part of special assemblies, a combination of aluminum and bronze sculptures and bells. To be continued with 7/14 posting. [Photo & text: Ayano Atsumi]

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