SPECIAL ASSEMBLIES: The Cosanti Special Assembly facility produces bronze and aluminum assemblies in extraordinarily large sizes. Some of the very large Paolo Soleri Special Assemblies can be found in public locations such as the Phoenix Skyharbor Airport, the main Phoenix Public Library and the Paolo Soleri Amphitheater at Glendale College. [Photo & text: Ayano Atsumi]

Abel Alday has been in charge of Special Assemblies at Cosanti for many years. [Photo & text: Ayano Atsumi]

These are examples of assemblies that combine aluminum sculptures and bronze bells. [Photo & text: Ayano Atsumi]

More Special Assemblies. Gorgeous selections of ‘Special Assemblies’ are on display at Cosanti and the Arcosanti Gallery. [Photo & text: Ayano Atsumi]

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