We are back! Monsoon thunderstorms took our server and Internet connection offline for a few days, but all is well. It is very hot and humid. The June 22nd group completed their 5-week workshop and the July 27th workshop starts. ‘ITALIAN NIGHT’ concert and dinner is successfully behind us and we prepare for the annual visit of ‘GROUPMOTION’, a dance group from Philadelphia. Paolo, Roger Tomalty and Mary Hoadley have returned from Italy with great stories. They conducted a SILT WORKSHOP in Venice and had some good adventures. Construction continues with interior work on the PUBLIC BATHROOMS in the East Crescent complex, Unit 8. Bathroom counters are cast and shower facilities installed for the DORMROOMS in Unit 10. Another construction team installs LIGHTING in all five units. The gardens are green and everything grows rapidly in this humidity. Reports on all of these activities will be available in the upcoming postings. [Photo:tt & text:sa]

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