RAVELLO: Paolo Soleri was invited to an interesting four-day summer workshop in Ravello, Italy, a small village on the beautiful coast south of Naples. The event, titled THE POWER – THE POWERS, was organized by the world famous Italian sociologist Domenico De Masi and the magazine NEXT. [Text: Matteo Di Michele]

Part the event was a special SCHOOL OF THOUGHT. It was organized on the stage of an amazing open theater erected along a cliff balcony right above the sea. About one hundred people attended the meeting. The acoustics were so perfect that there was no need for a microphone. [Photo & text: Matteo Di Michele]

The “School of Thought” was coordinated by the Italian Project coordinator Toni Fragiacomo, assisted by the mayor of the city, Secondo Amalfitano, and Professor Domenico De Masi. Many questions arose, especially about the concepts of frugality and miniaturization. [Photo & text: Matteo Di Michele]

The official conference was attended by more than 200 people, many of them intellectuals from all around the world. Paolo Soleri spoke about the power of utopia and his experience in the US. Paolos speech was followed by a slide show about Cosanti and Arcosanti. >>from left>> Paolo Soleri, Domenico De Masi and world famous photographer Oliviero Toscani. [Photo & text: Matteo Di Michele]

Paolo Soleri met the public and few lucky fans were able to get their Soleri books autographed. Arcosanti resident Matteo Di Michele promoted Paolo Soleri’s latest books in a little square right in front of the conference building. [Photo & text: Matteo Di Michele]

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