GROUP MOTION DANCE WORKSHOP: The COLLY SOLERI MUSIC CENTER is prepared for the annual visit of GROUP MOTION, an internationally renowned dance company from Philadelphia. Slats are layed to support plywood sheets for the dance floor. [Photo & text: sa]

A truckload of plywood sheets is needed to cover the area. [Photo & text: sa]

In the Arcosanti tradition of recycling, this plywood will be used for concrete forms when the dance floor is no longer needed. [Photo & text: sa]

Alumnus Paul Moore tests the floor. Paul is part of the dance group HUMAN NATURE, which will use this stage during their 10th annual visit in October. He came to add his experience to the assembly. [Photo & text: sa]

The GROUP MOTION dancers have arrived for a week of dance/movement improvisation exploring techniques and structures of expanding awareness of space, movement vocabulary and communications. [Photo & text: sa]

>>left>>Co-Director Manfred Fischbeck, from Philadelphia, leads the workshop with Brigitta Herrmann, from Boulder, and composer/Pianist Andrea Clearfield from Philadelphia. [Photo & text: sa]

Day sessions are from 9 -12 am, evening sessions 8 – 10 pm. All sessions are with live music. Evening sessions are open to the Arcosanti community. [Photo & text: sa]

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