VENICE: The IUAV School of Architecture in Venice is one of the most prestigious architecture schools in Italy. It started an intensive summer program of innovative sessions with the intention of facilitating the expressive capacities of its students by putting a consistent amount of space and tools at their disposal. Important architects from all around the world were invited to participate. One of these courses (mandatory to graduate from the School) is A LEAN ALTERNATIVE by Paolo Soleri.

The course was organized and delivered by Italian Project Coordinator Antonio Fragiacomo, Structural Engineer Marco Felici, Professor Iolanda Lima [author of the book SOLERI, Architecture as Human Ecology] and her assistant Alessandro Brandino, Cosanti Research Associate Roger Tomalty, with the precious help of Professor Maurizio Ranzi (Roma Tre University), Sandra Suatoni (Istituto Italiano della Grafica), Daniela Bruni and Arcosanti residents Mary Hoadley, Matteo Di Michele, Lorenzo Alfieri, Corrado Falsetti, Robert Clyde and Gianni Scravaglieri.

Paolo Soleri arrives in Venice three days after the official beginning of the workshop. The students have been introducted to the LEAN ALTERNATIVE by Marco Felici, Roger Tomalty, Mary Hoadly, Lorenzo Alfieri, and Corrado Falsetti. After a great welcome from all 60 students, Paolo Soleri starts his lesson with a slide show, followed by an interesting SCHOOL OF THOUGHT. [Photo & text: Matteo Di Michele]

Roger Tomalty explains how to make plaster tiles. [Photo & text: Matteo Di Michele]

Lorenzo Alfieri, Corrado Falsetti, Robert Clyde, and Gianni Scravaglieri build a wooden model. [Photo & text: Matteo Di Michele]

Inspite of a very tight schedule, Paolo Soleri and Antonio Fragiacomo find time to visit the open market, next to the Rialto Bridge, for good vegetables and fresh fish. [Photo & text: Matteo Di Michele]

The crew has dinner together in a beautiful apartment, right in front of Casanovas house, in the very centre of Venice. Iolanda Lima delights everyone with her delicious dishes from the Sicilian tradition. [Photo & text: Matteo Di Michele]

The view of the canal from the kitchen window is fantastic. The atmosphere is gladdened by the chants of the gondoliers that pass non-stop right by the house. [Photo & text: Matteo Di Michele]

On Paolos last night, the whole crew celebrates the success of the first week with a dinner at a nice restaurant close to the university. >>from left>> Mary Hoadley, Antonio Fragiacomo, Iolanda Lima, Daniela Bruni, Marco Felici, Robert Clyde, Gianni Scravaglieri, Corrado Falsetti, Alessandro Brandino, Matteo Di Michele, Paolo Soleri, Lorenzo Alfieri. [Photo & text: Matteo Di Michele]

It is time for Paolo Soleri to go back to the Arizonian desert. The students try to keep him longer, to thank him and take his picture. [Photo & text: Matteo Di Michele]

Roger Tomalty continues the work with wood and silt. His report will follow in a few postings. [Photo & text: Matteo Di Michele]

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