EC SECOND FLOOR: A lot of work has been done on the second floor of the East Crescent. Construction crew member Michael Teslow installs heating coils on the floor of the light scoop appartment in Unit 10. [Photo & text: sa]

Construction crew leader Anthony Oronzo works on the floor heating system in the main room in Unit 10. [Photo: Ania Gorka & text: sa]

A gypsom based top coat of GYPCRETE is poured over the heating coils. [Photo: Ania Gorka & text: sa]

Windows are installed. [Photo & text: sa]

>>left>> Crew leader Eli Michael installs a door lock. >>right>> Crew leader Ray Shong fastens the doorjamb to the main room in Unit 9. [Photo & text: sa]

Workshopper Nobuhiro Hirata and construction crew member Brad Bishop caulk between the concrete panels of the Unit 9 light scoop. Report will continue. [Photo & text: sa]

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