DIFFERENT SKIES 2003: The first Arcosanti ELECTRONIC SPACE MUSIC FESTIVAL was organized by Mike Metlay [photo]. A mass of equipment and wiring has been set up on the stage of the Colly Soleri Amphitheater. [Photo & text: sa]

Some of the groups participating in the event are Metlay!, Mutation Vector, Ozone Player, Sundagger and Xeroid Entity. The musicians are testing and fine-tuning their elaborate set-ups. [Photo & text: sa]

MUTATION VECTOR starts the Friday afternoon concert with Greg Waltzer and James Lacey. [Photo & text: sa]

A visiting school class, from the nearby Orme School, is invited to the stage during intermission. The musicians graciously answer the young students questions. [Photo & text: sa]

XEROID ENTITY with Bill Fox and Greg Waltzer continue the afternoon session, followed by OZONE PLAYER with >from left> Mike Metlay, Tim Walters, Otso Pakarinen and Dave Brewer. [Photo & text: sa]

David Tristram provides live interactive computer visuals for the event. The performance on Friday night features SHALMANESER with Tim Walters solo, SUNDAGGER Brian Good with Bill Fox, Greg Waltzer and James Lacey and FRAGMENTS OF A DREAM Dave Fulton, John Duval, Clark Salisbury, Paul Vnuk and Giles Reaves. Saturday evenings performance will feature groups formed during the week for this one show. The music is terrific, very rich and surprising. [Photo & text: sa]

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