BACK TO SCHOOL: The Arcosanti experience often forges lasting friendships and a sense of extended family. Some of the recent extended family members have left to continue their education. [Photo & text: sa]

Micky Hamill [right] completed a 3-month internship in the planning department. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & text: sa]

Brett Schneider has been part of Arcosanti agriculture for almost 2 years. His efforts were greatly appreciated by his manager. [Photo & text: sa]

Isamu Tomono initially visited Arcosanti with his architecture class from Osaka College, Japan. This summer has been his third visit and he was a great help in construction. [Photo & text: sa]

James Moscovic has been at Arcosanti for close to 2 years. He worked in the agriculture department and foundry. [Photo & text: sa]

Sara Merando worked in the Arcosanti foundry. [Photo & text: sa]

Jillian Andrew completed an internship in the landscaping department. [Photo & text: sa]

Jill Laakanemi returned after her workshop to finish the summer in construction. [Photo & text: sa]

Brad Bishop was part of the construction team and also gave tours. The efforts of students like these are what makes Arcosanti continue to grow. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & text: sa]

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