BRIDGE TO UNIT 6: A bridge on the north side of Unit 6 of the East Crescent, second floor level, will connect to a staircase leading to the third level. The framework for the bridge is complete. [Photo & text: sa]

Tomiaki Tamura and construction volunteer, Nobuhiro Hirata, put the finishing touch to the silt. Paolo Soleri checks the silt before the pour. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & text: sa]

Construction crew member Corey Frendberg, and workshoppers, Mirelle Packer and Boris Pizzeghello, apply a grey slurry coat directly onto the silt. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & text: sa]

Workshopper Rob Hirsch transfers mixed concrete into a wheel barrow held by workshopper Siobhan Watts. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & text: sa]

The Rebar cage is installed after the first layer of concrete has been poured. The construction crew distributes and packs the second layer of concrete. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & text: sa]

Workshopper Chiara Perrone screeds the concrete for a smooth surface. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & text: sa]

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