SILT 11: This siltcast panel will be for the lightscoop in Unit 6 of the East Crescent. The design is by Eli Michael. [Photo & text: sa]

Part of the crew paints the pigments on the prepared silt. [Photo & text: sa]

Another part of the crew mixes concrete and a fine slurry in buckets. [Photo & text: sa]

>>left>> The slurry coat is splashed with thick brushes directly onto the silt. Concrete is carefully packed over the slurry. >>right>> Construction volunteer Nobohiro Hirata reinforces the form. [Photo & text: sa]

The crew finishes the surface. [Photo & text: sa]

This is the last of four panels and will complete the lightscoop roofs of Phase 5 in the East Crescent complex. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & text: sa]

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