LANDSCAPING: The landscaping crew is constantly busy with the care of our trees, plants and pathways. Yvonne Brook and her son, Robert, plant flowers along the sidewalk. Robert is a regular helper in landscaping, already learning a great deal at the age of three. [Photo: aa & text: kh]

Yvonne spends time with the Landscaping Coordinator, Mark Whigham, harvesting oregano from a beautiful bed in front of East Housing. [Photo: aa & text: kh]

Herbs are prepared in the landscaping room under the vaults. Mark hangs oregano on a line. Purple sage and lavender are dried on the shelf (left). [Photo: aa & text: kh]

Much of the produce harvested in the landscaping and agriculture departments are sold to visitors in the Arcosanti Gallery. [Photo: aa & text: kh]

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