HALLOWEEN: Creativity and culture surface in the lab building at Arcosanti, which was transformed into a scary party space for Halloween. Miyuki Negi dresses as a Japanese ghost & Ayano Atsumi plays the part of the Japanese demon, Oni.
[Photo: aa & kh & text: kh]

Guess who? The Huth monster (Jim and Kelli Huth) and the Arcobot (Eli Michael) enjoy the music.
[Photo: aa & text: kh]

Bernadette ONeill and Nadia Begin stop for a photo.
[Photo: kh & text: kh]

(Left) Jessica Gamboa and Tan Chia Chia incorporate their Arcosanti landscaping and agriculture work into their costumes. Jessica uses horsetail in her costume and Chia uses okra for her long fingernails. (Right) Yvonne Brook poses with Josh Krimmel, who won the award for the best dance.
[Photo: aa & kh & text: kh]

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