Early this week the temperature dropped below freezing on the Arcofarm, bringing an end to the 2003 warm growing season. The grand finale was harvesting a truck load of gourds from the edge of the corn field.
Adam Nordfors, Landuse Manager, and Lynn Burnett gather gourds in a huge bag.
[Photo: aa & text: Adam Nordfors & aa]

Two kinds of gourds are harvested. Brad Crutchfield holds hopi rattle gourds (left) and Hiroshi Kondo carries gooseneck gourds (right).
[Photo & text: aa]

Mika Kawai and Arjunan Santaseelan carry gourds in a cart (left), Sarah Beth Kurzhals sorts them on the back of a truck.
[Photo & text: aa]

Gourds are kept and dried in the barn for 8 months to a year.
The Arcofarm will be one of the main producers for the Verde Valley Gourd and Garlic Festival which will be take place for the first time in June of 2004.
[Photo: aa & text: Adam Nordfors & aa]

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