Arcosanti Construction Site Crew. Back (left to right): Scott Riley, Takei Yamasaki, Patrick Doyle, Garth Lenetsky, Gabriel Hendrix. Middle: Melissa Lockwood, Carolyn Campbell, Bethany Erfourth, Corey Frendberg, Ron Chandler. Front: Ray Shong, Arumugam Elumalai, Carlos Flores, Miyuki Negi, Eli Michael.
[Photo & text: Carlos Flores]

Construction crewmembers have been busy finishing the interiors of the light scoop rooms in the East Crescent. The recent focus has been on the installation of windows, electricity lines and dry wall.
[Photo & text: aa]

There has been much progress in construction of the public bathrooms. Benches, drinking water fountains and slabs are made out of concrete. The interior work in the bathrooms involves the installation of counters, lighting, mirrors, toilet facilities and tiles.
[Photo & text: aa]

All 4 of the light scoops in the East Crescent are now in place. There will be a lot of interior finishing done in year 2004.
[Photo & text: aa]

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