It has been a busy year for the Soleri Archives at Arcosanti and much has been accomplished with the help of interns and volunteers. Claudia Lange from Germany spent her workshop in the archives. Architecture student Boris Pizzeghello attended Soleri’s silt workshop in Venice, Italy. He continued his studies of Soleri’s work with a workshop and spent two weeks in the archives. [Photo & text: Sue Anaya]

Archive volunteers Mirelle Packer and Siobhan Watts clean the model in the Arcosanti Visitors Center, one of many activities of the department. [Photo: Ayano Atsumi & text: Sue Anaya]

Archive coordinator Sue Anaya shows one of Soleri’s sketchbooks to a visiting group of students. The archive staff thanks student volunteers and interns for their good work. [Photo: Siobhan Watts & text: Sue Anaya]

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