PUMP: The water pump, that supplies Arcosanti and camp, had to be replaced with a new, larger model. Arcosanti sits on a large aquifer, and all of our water comes from wells located on site. [photo by TT & text by KH]

The water line had to be dug 2ft deep and 50ft long to the ‘T’ connection feeding Camp and Arcosanti. The existing 1″ piping had to be replaced with 1.5″ in order to handle the impact of the new pump. The piping was then insulated
for weatherproofing. [Photos & text by Richard Clements]

Michael Bittman and E. Arumugame dismantled the old connection box and updated it with a new one. Scott Riley constructed all the new plumbing set-up within the pump house. [Photos & text by Richard Clements]

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