Long time community members Ivan Fritz and Jennifer Thornton are leaving for a new job in Napa Valley California. Ivan was recently offered a job with American Zoetrope. Jen has been an active member of community council and kept the community section of this website updated.
[Photo & Text: Jeff Kunzelman]

Ivan for the past 4 years has headed the Arcosanti Information Services department. He has wired every building on site with Ethernet, connected the site to the Internet with a T-1 connection, and set up our file server, mail server, and web server.
[Photo & Text: Jeff Kunzelman]

A long time land mark of camp, a 1955 Airstream also leaves with Ivan and Jen. Ivan hopes to restore the Airstream back to it’s original mirror finish one day was well as build a custom interior. We all wish them best of luck in their new endeavors and hope that there are no network problems in the near future.
[Photo & Text: Jeff Kunzelman]

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