Alumni Paul Moore
brought the dance group ‘Human Nature’ to Arcosanti for another dynamic
retreat session. Participants this year were Will Duncan, Jayne Lee,
Francis Martineau, Nathan Montgomery, Paul Moore, Delisa Myles and
Breanna Rogers. The group describes itself as a loosely banded
collective of strong willed performers intending to express a deep felt
unspeakable vision. Here is part of the group during reheasal in the Colly
Soleri Theater. [Photo & Text: SA]

‘Human Nature’ is
based in Flagstaff and spends one week each year at Arcosanti. The
stage is being prepared with some beautiful red silt. [Photo & Text:

This years
performance ‘Unveiling the Mirage’ explored relationships between
people. It included everthing from personal journeys into inner self to
expressions of culturally inhibited gender roles. From beginning to end
it was a very intense and deeply touching performance. [Photo: T &
Text: SA]

Part of each
performance offered at Arcosanti is a tour of the site before dinner.
[Photo & Text: SA]

Chef Ali Sadiqui
with helpers Spenser Marese and Caterina Loy presented another
beautiful meal. The menu included: Asian Gaspacho,
Jicama-Parsnip-Carrot Salad, Honey-Glazed Salmon or Tofu, Purple Sticky
Rice, Green Tea Mousse with Sake Marinated Cherries. A very colorful
and ‘very’ delicious combination. [Photo & Text: SA]

Washing dishes for a
concert meal of at least 150 people sounds a bit scary. These
residents; Gabriel Hendrix, planning
intern Scott Airlie and Brad Bishop, are actully having a great
time. [Photo & Text: SA]

This dinner was
served in the cafe. Here are servers Gwen Birk, Liz Schiffler, Ira
Murfin, Marlena Mejia and Justin Dehnert. [Photo & Text: SA]

The cafe looked
classy with white tablecloths and napkins. Paolo Soleri [in blue shirt] is enjoying the dinner
and conversation with workshoppers Rebecca Keithen and Stefano
Capranico. Another wonderful event. [Photo & Text: SA]

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