Paolo’s new book has
arrived. 1300+ copies were diligently carried from the delivery truck
up to the Visitors Center. Many hands made short work of a daunting
task. [Photo & Text: SA]

SOLERI’ ‘What If?’ Collected Writings 1986 – 2000. The retail price
is $60. This is a very handsome edition. The main subject text is
flanked by color-coded sub-text [hoppers], selected notebook entries
that reinforce, revisit and occasionally refute the topics under
discussion. Kathleen Ryan, who edited the book, describes the contents
‘as the most comprehensive and most recent presentation of Soleri’s
writing, it is meant to be both an introduction-reference guide to
Soleri’s thinking, and a continuation of his over-thirty-year
publication history.'[Photo & Text: SA]

This is a
meticulously crafted collection of essays, hypotheses and reflections.
Encompassing the mature thought of a distinguished career, it is a
major contribution to such diverse fields as Philosophy, Religious
Studies, Urban Design, Architectural Theory, Ecology, Environmental
Ethics and related disciplines. [Photo & Text: SA]

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