During the most
recent camp synergy July workshopper Eric Richardson is preparing
additional spaces in the yurt for the August workshop participants. The
yurt has been Eric’s home for the past 4 weeks. [Photo & Text: SA]

This terrific
cube-art had to give way to the painting crew. Workshoppers Daniel
Boylen and Ricardo Nabholz are preparing the cube for its next
occupant. [Photo & Text: SA]

Ferguson’s box was
again sorted out. Amazing what accumulates in just a month time. The
box is Camp’s official second hand collection station. Anything someone
does not want anymore gets put into the box for whoever else might like
it. [Photo & Text: SA]

A thorough effort of
grounds keeping made camp look sparkly clean. >>left>> Workshoppers
Melinda Barnadas and Chad Phelan at work. >>right>> Workshop
coordinator Wez Ozier is moving the mop faster than the eye can catch
in an effort to clean the octegon. Workshopper Daisuke Nakamishi looks
on in amazement. [Photo & Text: SA]

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