Alumni Louisa Wise
visited Arcosanti on July 19. to give a performance of wonderful folk
tunes. Louisa worked on the Arcosanti project from 1973 to 1975 as a
cook in the original camp kitchen. [Photo: TT & Text: SA]

Louisa played some
beautiful songs on a variety of instruments. Her music is available on
CD under the titles: ‘This Blue World’ – Louisa Wise, ‘Fiddlewood’ –
Scott & Louisa Wise and ‘WinterBeach’ – Scott and Louisa Wise. [Photo:
TT & Text: SA]

The Wise Family
Band. For more information you can contact Louisa at Louisa Wise. [Photo: LW &
text: SA]

The opening act for
the evening was alumni Paula Wittner accompanied by her fourlegged
family member ‘Coco’. Paula played some tunes on the harmonica and Coco
sang along. To the delight of the audience Coco was performing with
easy charm and bonhomie. [Photo: TT & Text: SA]

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