construction site at five o’clock in
the morning. Given the threat of afternoon rain, when the construction
crew undertakes a concrete pour they begin as early as possible. [Photo
& Text: MS]

The formwork and
rebar for the precast panel. The form in the middle will eventually be
a window with a wonderful view of the Agua Fria river valley. [Photo &
Text: MS]

The concrete is
mixed at our on-site batchplant, then transferred from the concrete
truck into the bucket. The bucket is then moved into position with the
crane. Here, construction manager Spencer Marrese guides the
pour. [Photo & Text: MS]

This was the July
workshoppers first pour. Many of the workshoppers had little or no
experience pouring concrete, but after intense instruction they were
well prepared for today. They finished the job in record time. [Photo &
Text: MS]

The finished panel
must be covered to contain the moisture for it to cure. [Photo & Text:

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