Over the last 9
years Italian Night has been the most popular event at Arcosanti. This
year was no exception. [Photo & Text: SA]

Preparations began
in the early afternoon. Tables were set up in the vaults, antipasto
trays were assembled, silverware had to be folded into napkin packages.
The new
workshop participants got right into the thick of things. [Photo:
MS & Text: SA]

manager Adam Nordfors put together the
beautiful flower arrangements. [Photo & Text: SA]

And when the
tablecloth and plates were in place, ominous clouds appeared. [Photo &
Text: SA]

Suddenly it got very
windy and some big fat rain drops gave everybody pause. This seems to
happen almost every year. Monsoon season! But it only threatened for a
little while and then left us with a beautiful balmy evening. [Photo &
Text: SA]

Meantime, in the
kitchen, chef Ali, helper Spenser Marese, Caterina Loy and Gwen Birk
were having fun putting together a meal for about 300 people. And once
again, Ali and crew outdid themselves with a delicious spread. The menu
was: Antipasto, Penne alla Putanesca, Pollo or Seitan (wheat protein)
Perugina (with olives), Fagiolini con Pomodoro, Insalata di Patate e
rape Rosso, Pane Italiano, Granito di Limone o Mango, Biscotti. [Photo
& Text: SA]

Here comes the pasta
in wheel-barrows. Workshoppers Stephen Ramsey and Alex Pierro. [Photo &
Text: SA]

>>left>> Every year Paolo Soleri serves pasta to the visitors right out
>>of a wheelbarrow. In the forground is archive intern Malcolm
>>Sutherland serving parmesan. >>right>> Tomiaki Tamura was serving
>>pasta at a second station. [Photo & Text: SA]

>>left to right>> With four serving stations, food distribution was
>>very smooth, no long lines, happy people. One of the crews, ceramics
>>worker Liz Sheffield, planning manager >href=”mailto:arcodesign@arcosanti.org”>Nadia Begin, ceramics
>>worker Katherine Hoadley-Tomalty. [Photo & Text: SA]

After a leisurely
dinner the crowd moved to the Colly
Soleri Theater. In concert were Virtuoso Accorionist/Composer Nick
Ariondo accompanied by Larry Hughes on clarinet and Jean Sundbury
playing violin and mandolin. [Photo: MS & Text: SA]

The performance
included pieces by Vivaldi, Puggini, Ariondo, Tarantola, Gershwin and
an Italian Fiddle Medley. It was a very beautiful performance, highly
appreciated by the crowd and ended with a standing ovation. [Photo: MS
& Text: SA]

The delightful
evening ended with a ‘Pictograph 2002’performance. The Arcosanti Dance
Team in collaboration with Tomiaki Tamura produced this new version
that appropriately reflected the Italian theme of the evening. [Photo:
MS & Text: SA]

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