The new
workshop arrived for their 5-week program on the seventh of July.
>>From top left>> Isamu Tomono, Alex Pierro, Stephen Ramsey, Megan
Bingham, Daisuke Nakanishi, Shunsukei Mizumoto, Aurelian froment, Ian
Kessler-Gowell, James Quigley, Eric richardson, Yvonne Brook. >>From
bottom left>> Stefano Capranico, Rebecca Kreithen, Natalia Ortegon,
Pete Falco, Daniel Boylen, Willy Salas, Ricardo Nabholz, Melinda
Barnadas, Chad Phelan. [Photo & Text : SA]

After graduating on
July third, several graduates from the June
workshop have decided to stay on for an extended period to help the
project. >>From top left>>Maya Glavin, Scott Airlie, Jenny Lee,
Caterina Loy, John Aillsboro, James O’Meara. >>From middle left>> Liss
Williams, Elanor Mayer. >>From bottom center>> Jason Curtis, Sara
Badiali. >>Inset left>> Miko Yoshida, Yuka Momokida. [Photo & Text: SA]

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