Workers Anna Raup and
Gaby Cryon at the Arcosanti
foundry. At Arcosanti the traditional bronze casting process is
enhanced by design techniques developed by
Paolo Soleri. The process starts by packing an aluminum bell
pattern in sand. The pattern is removed and a bell impression is left,
after which an original design is carved into the impression. [Photo &
Text: MS]

The process is
mentally and physically demanding, as the bronze heated to 2400 degrees
before being poured into the mold. [Photo & Text: MS]

When the metal cools
the bell is removed, cleaned and dipped in an acid bath to produce an
oxidized patina. Each Cosanti Origonal bell is
unique, even the tonality of a bell is highly variable, as the shape
determines the type of tone. [Photo & Text: MS]

Anna and Gaby
after the pour. This was only Gaby’s second pour but it was a
great success! [Photo & Text: MS]

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