Ruth-Claire Weintraub
was the first alumni to arrive at Arcosanti for the annual ‘Alumni
Reunion. As always, full of sparkling energy, Ruth got right into the
midst of things. [Photo & text: SA]

Ruth-Claire started
working with Paolo in 1963 and it is amazing to hear stories of the
early days in Cosanti. Sorting through old boxes of archival
material at Cosanti was like walking amongst memories of old and
familiar friends. [Photo & text: SA]

Many of the alumni
were attending Paolo’s birthday in the vaults. [Photo: MS & text: SA]

Ruth-Claire organized
a work party to clean the Boschetto, a beautiful wild mini-park below
the greenhouse guestrooms. Here alumni Moppy Bar and resident Marlene
are taking a rest from working in the intense mid-summer heat. [Photo:
MS & text: SA]

Chiara van Erp came
to the reunion with her children Paolo and Nina. Chiara helped in the
archives by sorting out a whole box of old black and white
photographs. [Photo: & text: SA]

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