Linda Roby and Matteo
Di Michele set up their summer program of communicating between
Arcosanti and Italy. Matteo is acting as the “point person” at
Arcosanti for the Italian Project. He is posting all current news about
this promotion project, while Tony Fragiacomo and Linda Roby are
traveling troughout Italy. [Photo & text: SA]

The ‘Italian
Projects’ mission is to develop Soleri’s Lean Parasol Paper into active
and running programs at Arcosanti. Some of the projects they are
developing are: working with Universities for new programs, organizing
with the curators for Soleri’s 2004 Retrospective in Rome, seeking book
translation projects with Istituto Italiano di Cultura. Tony Fragiacomo
and Arcosanti Staff are also exploring with collaborating architects
and engineers a new concrete building system for Arcosanti. [Photo &
text: SA]

Matteo Di Michele is
posting the current news. Tony and Linda are making exciting
connections during a full schedule of meetings, and sending daily
updates and extended weekly reports. If you are interested in more
detailed information please contact Linda Roby(Public
Relations), [Photo & text: SA]

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