After allowing the
slip to sufficently dry,
ceramics worker Penny Decker removes the excess from the center of
the plaster mold. The bell is then covered in the mold and left to dry
until it is hard enough to carve into. [Photo & Text: MS]

Ceramics manager Ed
Werman and worker Liz Schiffler carefully load the carved bells into
the kiln for firing. [Photo & Text: MS]

After the firing.
The firing usually takes about 24 hours at approximately 2100 degrees.
The Ceramics department is quite busy this time of year and will
usually fire every seven to ten days. [Photo & Text: MS]

Each finished bell
bears a unique handcarved design. To explore the types of bells
available from Cosanti Originals, check out the website at Each
purchase supports the educational programs of the Cosanti Foundation
and helps to build Arcosanti. [Photo & Text : MS]

These Cosanti
Original Bells are popular as unique additions to homes and public
spaces around the world. They are sold at Arcosanti and Cosanti and
select galleries and retail outlets worldwide. [Photo & Text : MS]

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