Registration for the
third annual Arcosanti 5K Run & Walk started bright and early on
saturday morning. [Photo :MDM Text: MS]

The race had over
one hundred and ten official finishers, each seperated into one of
thirteen age groups. All entrants got a third annual Arcosanti 5K Run &
Walk t-shirt and a free tour of Arcosanti. [Photo: MDM Text: MS]

Eight o’clock and
they’re off and running! [Photo: MDM Text: MS]

First across the
line was runner number 355, thirty-three year old Mike Simon with an
astonishing time of seventeen minutes and four seconds! Mike was
awarded a bronze ‘Cosanti
Originals’ windbell with a special linkage that
Paolo Soleri designed for this event. Small ‘Cosanti Originals’
ceramic and bronze bells and ceramic tiles were awarded for 1st, 2nd
and 3rd place finishers, male and female, in each 5-year age category,
up to 70 years and older. [Photo: MDM Text : MS].

>>left>> Local hero Anna Raup won first place Arcosanti Female.
>>>>right>> Louis Munrow won first place Arcosanti male. [Photo: MDM
>>Text: MS]

Event organizer
Gregor Knauer worked tirelessly coordinating and setting up the race.
Many thanks and praise go to Gregor and all other volunteers,
especially the ceramic and foundry workers, and to Jennifer
Thornton, and Clifford “Kip”
Hersted. [Photo: MDM Text: MS]

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