The annual
JUNETEENTH celebration symbolizes the joy and the responsibility of a
call for freedom for African-Americans. It is also a call to freedom
for all of us in that we have an opportunity and the responsibility to
assist in developing a more inclusive and equitable society. The arts
in general, and in this case specifically, African-American arts, are
one of the most compelling sources for passing this message on.

PJAZZ QUINTETT started the event with Milt Cannon on saxophone. [Photo
& text: SA]

>>left>> This is the third year that Juneteenth is celebrated at
>>Arcosanti. Milt Cannon conceived and has organized this event each
>>year. Milt is a life-long jazz musician and has led and worked with
>>premier groups of renowned jazz musicians. >>right>> Vocalist Kathy
>>Morris amazed everyone with a most powerful voice. [Photo & text: SA] >>

The terrific Mo-town
sound of APEX, a group based in Phoenix. [Photo & text: SA]

The celebration
included many social and arts events, including a casual CHESS
TOUNAMENT. 6 players competed and the tounament was won by Fred Mulch
>>left photo left>>. The top prize was $50. [Photo & text: SA]

Full of energy is
the best decription for blues-vocalist Lonne Givens and his band, the
‘LONNE GIVENS BLUES BAND’ from Chicago. [Photo & text: SA]

>>left>> And again, Arcosanti chef Ali is braving the June heat in the
>>cafe kitchen and honoring us with incredible meals nevertheless.
>>right>> There were several food vendors in the vaults. For the third
>>year Stefanie and Willie Harris brought their delicious barbeque to
>>the event. [Photo & text: SA]

Artist Upton S.
Ethelbah Jr. ‘Greyshoes’ with a display of his bronze sculptures. Upton
carves the original or pattern from stone. He came from Albuquerque,
NM. [Photo & text: SA]

An un-scheduled
treat, the amazing voice of Kathy Morris, Milt Cannon on saxophone and
guitarist Michael DeSantis. [Photo & text: SA]

From Baton Rouge,
LA, soulful reggae band HENRY TURNER & FLAVOR was part of the event for
the third year. [Photo & text: SA]

To everyones obvious
pleasure, Henry Turner and Flavor brought out the LIMBO song. Vendor
Hussein Abdul Alim and resident Marlene Mejia with the limbo stick, and
resident boy Tristan Tollas is dancing through with resident Ray Lam’s
little niece Anisa. [Photo: Nadia Begin & text: SA]

The class-room in
the East Crescent was turned into an art gallery to
display the work of visual artist Mary Shackett Gray. The series of
prints depicted the events that led to and were involved in the
creation and history of Juneteenth. [Photo & text: SA]

There was even a
jumping castle infront of the vaults. [Photo & text: SA]

Hussein Abdul Alim
brought his wood-carved masks, some great hats and jewelry, all kinds
of interesting odds and ends. Resident Marlene Mejia is trying on one
of the hats. [Photo & text: SA]

The event closed
with another dynamic performance by the ‘Lonne Givens Blues Band’.
Lonne Givens is joined by Kathy Morris. [Photo & text: SA] There were
many other artists, vendors and events, much of which we were not able
to mention. This was an inspiring two-day celebration with great music,
food, art and lot’s of wonderful people.

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