The Arcosanti
Community Council hosts a quarterly all-site meeting. Facilitator
for this particular meeting in the Colly
Soleri Theater were Liz Schiffler [next to the agenda board} and
the time-keeper was Gaby Cryon [with hat next to Liz]. The first two
hours were devoted to the Business Agenda, which are individual
reports from all department managers. The reports cover the past 3
month as well as plans for the upcoming quarter. [Photo & text: SA]

The presentations at
this meeting included site coordinator Mary
Hoadley’s report on Accounting and Outreach, Adam Nordfors on Agriculture, Ivan Fritz on A.I.S. [Arcosanti
Information Service], site coordinator Tomiaki Tamura on the Archives and Special Projects. Gwen Birk stood in for manager
Valerie Loft for a report on the Bakery. Food service manager and
wonderful chef Ali Sadiqui [sitting center] talked about the Cafe< /a>. Ed Werman gave his report on Ceramics, Spencer
Marrese reported on the present phase of the East Crescent construction, Nick Bortel on the
Foundry, Joe Henson on the
Gallery and Tour business, David Tollas on Habitat and
Construction, Losida Garcia on
Landscaping, Ron Chandler
on the Metalshop, Nadia
Begin on the
Planning Department, Cliff
Hersted on Tourism and Wes
Ozier on
workshops. Art Alsworth, who is the Lawyer for Cosanti Foundation
and Originals over the last 33 years, gave a re-cap of the Arcosanti
Leadership Team [A.L.T.]. He has been part of the team from it’s
establishment 2 years ago. As always, it was an interesting meeting.
After the business section and a short break there were special
presentations by Gregor Knauer on ‘Recycling Slab Organization and
Procedure’, Tomiaki Tamura on an alternative all-site meeting format
and Wez Ozier on the finally completed on-site vehicle policy and its
implementation. The Community Council concluded the meeting with a
budget report by treasurer Bernadette O’Neil and a Community Council
re-cap by Ira Murfin. Last thing on the agenda was the election of two
new council members. Elected were Jeff Kunzelman and Justin Dehnert.
[Photo & text: SA]

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